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当日、全ての歌の日本語の歌詞と英訳は、携帯電話からのアクセスで、さくらコーラスとParkview Presbyterian Churchのウエブサイトの両方でご覧頂けます。


Greetings to residents in the Sacramento area!  With the influence of corona virus, we were not able to offer our bi-annual concerts to the community, so we are so happy to have the opportunity to sing for you again!  We have 20 years of history, and now have 12 female singers, all born in Japan.  We gather to sing Japanese songs twice a month on the 1st and the 3rd Sunday afternoons, and enjoy the get-together after the practice.  We are a support group of Japanese women centering around our joy of singing, with the wide range of ages.   We used to sing as a part of San Francisco Choral Federation.  

This concert program was prepared to entertain people from Japan, Japanese Americans, students who are learning Japanese, and any fans of Japanese culture including anime.  

When you attend the concert, all the lyrics in Japanese and English translation can be accessed from your phone at the Sakura Chorus or Parkview Presbyterian Church Website.  They can be previously printed at the “Concert Song Lyrics” located at the right top of the concert flyer in our program page.

Thank you.

Typically, 150 people enjoy our concerts and experience many unique songs from Japan. It has been serving as a rare Japanese cultural event in the Sacramento area.  Please bring your family and friends to join us.  Due to the limited seating, tickets will not be available on the date.  Please contact us at or any singer in the Sakura Chorus directly for ticket information.


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