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2024 Spring Concert Program

You can access the lyrics of all the songs.

  Part I  


Because We Have Songs (歌があるから)*
The Song of the Seashore (浜辺の歌 )
Home Sweet Home (埴生の宿)
My Grandfather’s Clock (大きな古時計)
Sunset Song (夕焼け小焼け)
School of Minnows (めだかの学校)*

Red Dragonflies (赤とんぼ)

-sing-along-  Please see the bottom of this page for lyrics.

Always Dreaming - Song from “Spirited Away” (いつも何度でも / 「千と千尋の神隠し」より)
Soloists: Izumi Jones, Keiko Kagami

The Flowers of Gratitude (ありがとうの花)

Intermission (休憩) 15 minutes -

  Part II  

Dance / Sakura Sakura (舞 / さくらさくら)
Guest Performer Rieko Kotoku Ivaska
(ゲスト出演 古徳・アイバスカ・里江子)**

Racoon Drumming at Shojoji Temple (証城寺の狸囃子)
Percussionists: Keiko Kagami, Mizue Kumagai, Miyo Uchida

Weaving Threads (糸)
Soloist: Noriko Meguro

Beautifully (美しく)
Down Come My Tears (涙そうそう)

Flowers will bloom (花は咲く)
2011 Japan’s Tohoku District Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery Support Song

Pathway of Wind - Song from “My Neighbor Totoro” (風のとおり道 / 「となりのトトロ」より)
Rainbow (虹)
Cosmos (コスモス)

  Concert Presenters  

Artistic Director and Conductor, Emcee: Haruko Sakakibara / 榊原晴子

(* are her composition or arrangement)

Pianist: Mayumi Hata / 畑真由美


Their voice parts are indicated by the alphabet: Soprano / S, Mezzo-Soprano / M, and Alto / A.

Hideko Davis / デービス秀子 (M and A)
Nami Fong / フォン奈美 (S)
Taeko Houston / ヒューストン妙子 (A)
Izumi Jones / ジョーンズ泉 (S)
Keiko Kagami / 鏡味恵子 (A)
Mizue Kumagai / 熊谷瑞枝(S)
Noriko Meguro / 目黒典子 (S and M)
Yumiko Swann / スワン由美子 (M and A)
Miyo Uchida / 内田三養 (S)
Kazuko Vargas / バーガス和子 (S)
Shiomi Wilson / ウィルソンしおみ (A)
Sachiko Yoshikawa / 吉川祥子 (A)

  Guest Performer  

**Rieko Kotoku Ivaska (古徳・アイバスカ・里江子)
Instagram: @riedrumdance
FB: Rieko Ivaska
Rieko is a performer of a wide range of genres of Japanese performing arts

including Taiko and Dance. She strives to bring interesting traditional and

modern performing arts from Japan to the audience in the United States.

  Our Appreciation to:  

Tina Harris (Voice Trainer), director of St. Francis High School Choirs,
member of Sacramento Master Singers
Parkview Presbyterian Women (Co-sponsor)
Parkview Presbyterian Church (Use of Facilities)

We practice on the 1st and 3rd Sundays from 12:15-2:30 pm at Parkview
Presbyterian Church. If you are interested in singing, please contact us
at 916-213-9614 or visit

  Akatonbo Lyrics  

Romanized lyrics:

Yuuyake koyake no akatonbo
Owarete mitanowa itsunohika

Yamano hatake no kuwanomiwo
Kokagoni tsundawa maboroshika

Yuuyake koyake no akatonbo
Tomatte iruyo sao no saki


ゆうやけこやけの あかとんぼ
おわれてみたのは いつのひか

やまのはたけの くわのみを
こかごにつんだは まぼろしか

ゆうやけこやけの あかとんぼ
とまっているよ さおのさき

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